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IAYMH 2019 – Pre Conference Workshops

Workshop 1 

Frayming youth mental health care using the latest evidence and translating the knowledge.

Early intervention is important to reduce costs and improve young people’s health and wellbeing. Many barriers exist as services are fragmented, under-resourced and difficult to access which is why a system transformation is underway. This workshop will focus on the knowledge and experience that supports the redesign of how young people access mental health services. Participants will be guided by experts in implementing new services, lessons learnt and how to optimise current knowledge and practice.

Workshop 2

Scaling up: What’s required to build on the foundations of new and emerging young mental health service models.

Establishing new and innovative services for young people is always a challenge. But what happens when you have established your initial service and are asked to expand? This workshop will focus on the key elements of what is required in scaling up a model of mental health care for young people. The workshop will be led by providers who have faced this very real challenge and learnt from the experience.

Workshop 3

Education settings: What role do they have in supporting young people’s metal health and wellbeing?

Schools, colleges and universities are increasingly utilised as hubs to improve young people’s mental health. Have we got it right and what is the ideal way in which to develop a mentally healthy education environment? This workshop will focus on work being done globally to improve the education sectors response to the mental health and wellbeing challenges for young people. What has been tried? What has worked and what are the ideal approaches taking into consideration the different contexts across this age range?

Workshop 4

Advocacy in youth mental health: what’s the best approach that impacts on those responsible for funding health services?

Advocacy has played a critical role in engaging funders and policy makers in supporting the development of new models for young people. What approach is right and how do you know if you’ve succeeded? This workshop will examine different advocacy strategies utilised by different countries in making a bid for the need to fund new youth mental health services. Organisations will share their learnings and key strategies in developing a successful advocacy campaign.

Workshop 5

A Call to Action: Participate in refreshing the International Declaration on Youth Mental Health

The International Declaration on Youth Mental Health is a shared vision, principles and action plan for mental health services providing support to young people aged 12-25 years. There have been many changes in youth mental health and the world young people live in the ten years since The Declaration was first developed. To ensure that we continue to strive for better mental health outcomes for young people around the world, we need your support to refresh The Declaration. This workshop will provide a space for the meaningful involvement of young people, recognising the value of their voices and experiences, to co-design a refresh of The Declaration.

Please note: priority will be given to Young People to attend this workshop.

For more detail on the IAYMH Declaration please click here:

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